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Commission for: Elegías TCG (Trading Card Game).
Copyright © 2020 Elegías TCG. All Rights Reserved.
Job requirement:
She is the young Champion of the desert faction (Egyptian-looking girl).
She commands her army and defends her land, from the invasion of "Ocroft" (an evil god destructor of everything; with many black tentacles, Lovecraft style).
Curious fact:
I have been inspired by the iconic image of Archangel Miguel :heart: defeating the devil.
Photoshop CC 2017.
Tablet Wacom Intuos pen small.
Notebook ASUS UX501VW.
Windows 10.
2015 work.
2020 rework.

Cristianac ocett

2020 Rework.

Cristianac ocett rework progress

2020 Rework progress.

Cristianac ocett

2016 Work.

Cristianac ocett progress

2016 progress.