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Commission for: Against the Gods (Skirmish tabletop game).
Copyright © 2019 Against the Gods. All Rights Reserved.
Progress Video:
100% creative freedom, given by my project boss.
Photoshop CC 2017.
Tablet Wacom Intuos pen small.
Notebook ASUS UX501VW.
Font typography: Arial Narrow Bold.
2019 work.

Cristianac guiza

Final work.

Cristianac left upper corner

Left upper corner.

Cristianac right upper corner

Right upper corner.

Cristianac left lower corner

Left lower corner.

Cristianac right lower corner

Right lower corner.

Cristianac compass

Font typography: Arial Narrow Bold.

Cristianac 1

Progress 1:
Satellite photo, delivered by my project boss.
I had to rebuild Guiza as it was in the time of the Egyptians.

Cristianac 2

Progress 2:
Convert the rectangular image, to a square image of size:
62 * 62 centimeters (= 7323 * 7323 pixels).
300 dpi.

Cristianac 3

Progress 3:
Quick color proposal and areas proposals.

Cristianac 4

Progress 4:
Add details in HD.
Divide the zones with white lines (terrestrial areas), blue lines (high areas), add numeros, and compass.

Cristianac guiza progress